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About us

About us

Weekend at Whistler

Our Peak Performers have just returned from a weekend at beautiful Whistler for EO’s Global Gathering 2013! Guest Speaker Stefan Danis (Gobi Marathon Runner), zip lining, white water rafting were amongst the activities enjoyed.

We’re always looking for talented individuals to join Employment Office, so head over to the careers page and see if there’s a job for you.

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Everything Else Looks Prehistoric

Employment Office – the intelligent recruitment option that’s neither DIY nor a traditional Recruitment Agency, yet a little bit of both.

Have you ever wished there was a way to recruit staff for your organisation with the expertise of the professionals, but without a traditional recruitment agency’s exorbitant costs and loss of control?

That’s Employment Office’s Recruitment Revolution.

What is the Recruitment Revolution?

Employment Office is NOT a traditional Recruitment Agency. What does this mean?

It means we work with your in-house staff to provide the recruitment tools to enhance your processes, assist your budget and free up your time, whilst you maintain full choice and control.

Your campaign starts when we create your stand-alone Recruitment Web Page specifically for your current vacancy. The content of your web page is put together by our team of Recruitment Marketing Specialists, in order to build your employer brand (including your logo), present your organisation in a highly professional manner, fully educate candidates about the role and requirements, and market the position to the best candidates out there.

  • Our recruitment process is entirely transparent – you maintain control over every step of the process.
  • We do not charge placement fees – you can put on as many candidates from one campaign as you wish at no additional cost.
  • You can compare apples with apples – candidates apply by answering your First Round Screening Questions, custom-created for your specific role. No more email spam.
  • Your applicants don’t just come from a small in-house database – your position is advertised across a wide range of generalist and niche media, targeting active and passive jobseekers, to provide you with the best applicants in the market.

That’s the Recruitment Revolution.

Where did EO come from?

As a small business owner in 1997, Tudor Marsden-Huggins discovered the challenges of recruitment first-hand. Lost between two polarised alternatives – DIY recruitment or the traditional recruitment agency model – the gap in the market was significant.

From this need, Employment Office was born in 1999. From the very start, the business promoted a simple yet effective strategy that streamlined the recruitment process: tailoring an attraction strategy, screening candidates and comparing candidates apples-for-apples.

Teaming up with Susanne Mather in 2003, the pair actively took Employment Office to the market, one-client-at-a-time. Initially through telemarketing and face-to-face meetings, establishing credibility across a range of industries that underpins our testimonial-based sales approach to this day.

The business has spread around the world, with offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Vancouver, Toronto and Baton Rouge.

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