Video Interviews

Shortlisting through technology

Supercharge your recruitment with best-in-class technology to preview your candidates and speed up the shortlisting process.

Employment Office’s proven shortlisting technique harnesses the power of recorded, two-way video interview technology for more effective screening of candidates.

  • Our robust video screening interviews are conducted by Employment Office shortlisting specialists and customised to your key criteria to identify the top talent sooner
  • Receive the recorded interviews in your inbox to review at your convenience and share with other hiring managers
  • Gain valuable insights into your candidates in the early stage of the recruitment process
  • Plan more effectively for your face-to-face interviews.  Don’t waste time interviewing the wrong person
  • Ask targeted questions at the face-to-face interviews based on insights gained from video interviews

Incorporate video interviewing to engage with the most impressive talent Australia and the world have to offer, gain a more complete picture of each candidate and know who to progress to face-to-face interviews.

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The Power of Video Interviewing

Reach & Engagement– interview the best candidates from around the country and overseas stress-free. Build a genuine connection with more engagement between applicant and interviewer than traditional methods allow.

Insights – get more insight into your candidates than traditional screening methods.  With video interviews, you can see your candidates before their interview to read their body language, communication style and personality.

Efficiency – quickly shortlist your applicant pool to the very best worthy of face-to-face interviews, and conduct a more effective interview with questions tailored to your candidates based on their video interview performance.


Transparency – see why our experts shortlisted each applicant so you can trust the process to gain a competitive advantage.







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