Behavioural Testing

Gain invaluable insights that can’t be replicated elsewhere and recruit better with Behavioural Testing.

Enhance your shortlisting process for the best possible recruitment results as you gain a deeper understanding of your applicants.  Behavioural Testing is the only way to effectively and accurately measure the predicted job performance, temperament and behavioural fit of your candidates.

Not only be able to select the best person for your vacancy, you will know how to get the most out of them with insights into their developmental needs, strengths and professional preferences.

Our Behavioural Testing tools will help you:

  • Hire the right person for the role based on their results compared to the required benchmark unique to the position and your organisation
  • Gain accurate, measured and actionable insights into your candidates’ job performance, strengths and weaknesses, temperament and workplace preferences
  • Streamline the shortlisting process to weed out candidates who don’t meet the key criteria
  • Establish a management strategy to get the best out of your new employee based on the insights gained from their results
  • Access to the best Behavioural Testing tools on the market

Your Shortlisting and Selection Specialist will guide you through the entire process to administer the Behavioural Testing on your behalf and provide a complimentary interpretation of your candidates’ report.

Specifically, this interpretation can uncover crucial information like;

  • Your candidate’s natural expected behaviour, or temperament.
  • Your candidate’s capacity and approach to effective leadership
  • Your candidate’s approach to dealing with conflict and obstacles
  • Your candidate’s selling style
  • Management considerations for your candidates in the short-term
  • Developmental considerations for your candidates for the long-term
  • Recommended interview questions exploring every facet of the candidate’s behavioural fit

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