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Behavioural Testing

Assessing Candidate Behaviour

A robust recruitment process should allow you to get as much information on a candidate possible to ensure you make the right hiring decision. Many traditional processes ensure that hiring managers assess the skills and ability of candidates, which tells them whether or not a candidate is able to do the job, but often we miss out on assessing important behavioural attributes that will tell us HOW a candidate will go about doing a job.

Behavioural testing will give you insight into a candidate’s workplace preferences, and will tell you whether or not a candidate is a natural fit for the day to day components of the role.

Candidate Behavioural Testing Through Employment Office

At Employment Office, we make use of behavioural testing technologies. These technologies are designed to give you more insight into a candidate’s behavioural preferences both prior to making a hiring decision, and for ongoing development once that individual is placed in a role.

They also assist in benchmarking the ideal behavioural traits for any vacancy.

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Click on the below link to complete a complimentary Job Definition Survey. This survey will allow you to benchmark your ideal behaviour for your vacancy. Once you have completed the survey we will generate a report, send it through to you, and one of our Shortlisting Specialists will contact you to provide a free interpretation of the results.

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Hymes TestimonialEmployment Office was able to target the best job-seekers, via the most appropriate channels. As a result, we had a very strong selection of candidates. Following a very successful process, which included Behavioural Testing, the top candidate was secured.
Pauline Griffin, HR Manager, Haymes

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