Why to Perform Some Type of Test on Applicants

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At Employment Office, one of our most sought after and successful services is our behavior testing service. We also offer skills assessment, and other forms of testing that can have a profound impact on your recruitment success.

But why is testing necessary? Testing is certainly not a part of traditional recruitment, where most employers simply focus on the resume and interview. What is it about testing that makes it so valuable as a method of evaluating and collecting talent?

Benefits of Testing Applicants

There are actually many different benefits of testing – beyond even the information that you gather from the test itself. The process of testing is, in its own way, beneficial, and can help you greatly improve your own employment practices. Some of these benefits include:

  • More Information – You can’t legally put someone to work for free, see how they do, and then decide to hire them. So barring that, you’re working with limited information in most recruitment settings. Testing gives you more information, and more information is always better. No matter the test, whether it’s behavioral testing, skills testing, etc., you’re gaining information on the applicant that you would not have otherwise, and that information can help drive decisions.
  • Commitment and Ambition – Testing is also a form of self-selection. How badly does someone want to work for your company? How willing are they to put in hard work? These are important qualities in a great applicant, and any type of test or additional work helps show that the individual has that drive and motivation that is going to make them a good employee.
  • Driving Questions – Finally, generally you’re going into interviews fairly blind. Skills testing, behavioral testing, etc. – these types of tests provide you with more ways to ask questions. If you see someone is lacking in a specific skill, for example, you can ask questions to get a better idea of whether or not that person can learn the skill, or if they have the talent to make up for not having it.

Testing applicants may seem like an extra step, especially when compared to traditional recruitment practices, but there are a lot of reasons that it can be valuable as a part of your recruitment strategy. At Employment Office, we have testing solutions that are extremely affordable and will help you collect a lot of valuable information on your applicants. Check out our testing services today, and start integrating them into your recruitment strategy.

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