Three Reasons You Need a Shortlisting Specialist in 2017

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A 2017 LinkedIn Global Trends report found that 56 per cent of leaders say their hiring volume will increase, and one of their key measures of success in recruitment is time to fill. Evidently, today’s fast-paced recruitment landscape demands a high-performing, flexible and decisive HR department that can accommodate job seekers throughout each stage of their candidate journey. But with a significant number of internal HR responsibilities, this is not always the case, and key candidate-management practices can slip through the cracks. Read on for the top three reasons why you should leave Shortlisting to the experts, as advised by Shortlisting and Selection Specialist, Jenna Taylor.

1) Gain unprecedented insights into candidates

From Group Assessment Days, Behaviour and Skills Testing, Reference and Background Checks and Video Interviews to consider, it’s clear that the recruitment process demands a range of skills – not all of which may sit within a HR department. With almost two decades in the recruitment industry, Employment Office has tried and tested a range of candidate management tools to optimise the shortlisting process and offer a suite of valuable services, delivering them in a way that garners the most useful candidate insights efficiently.

Group Interviews

Our Shortlisting and Selection Specialists are experts at delivering customised Group Assessment Days (GADs) that will help you uncover top talent through a range of activities, games and tests. Shortlisting and Selection Specialist, Jenna Taylor, notes, “Anyone can run activities or interviews, but it’s the design of the activities and interviews that is pivotal to giving Hiring Managers the opportunity to observe candidates for a range of relevant behaviours.” With experts having designed your GAD to uncover specific relevant behaviours, and running the group interview on your behalf, you’ll be able to focus on reading candidate behaviour rather than pre-occupied with the administration of the day.

Skills and Behavioural Testing

Hiring Managers partner with Employment Office to easily distribute skills and behavioural tests to candidates.  Shortlisting and Selection Specialists are trained to interpret the sometimes-ambiguous language appearing in skills and behavioural test reports (which can be up to 40 pages long!). For example, ‘dominating,’ ‘analytical’ and ‘social’ can differ depending on the industry – and it’s these nuances that can mean the difference between a behavioural fit and a poor choice. Our Shortlisting Specialists can convey these results to you, equipping you with accurate interpretations that you can refer to later during interviews.

Jenna says that her team also helps HR Managers to make the most of the test results – both during and after the recruitment process, and unearth opportunities for employee development. “If a candidate expresses passiveness in social situations for example, you’ll know they’ll need extra support when it comes to stepping into a leadership position,” notes Jenna.

Video interviews

Interviewing a candidate using standard (and fairly predictable) questions is one thing, but seeing the interview as a crucial two-way communication platform to garner as many varied insights about the applicant is another ball park altogether – and that’s where we play.

Jenna says that the key is framing questions to probe candidates to dive into their past and recall their challenges and triumphs, and ask them to relate this back to the role they’re applying for. “By the same token, we gain much more of a three-dimensional picture of a candidate’s skills by asking detailed questions such as, ‘How do you adapt your communication style when liaising with people across different levels of the business?’ rather than simply, ‘Do you have good communication skills?’” Jenna shares.

2) Save Time

It’s important to ensure that each stage of the recruitment process is conducted in a timely manner. At the same, candidates must be kept updated so they can respond promptly, which in turn, leads to a faster time to hire for you. At Employment Office, our experts streamline the shortlisting process while ensuring both you and your candidates remain informed and a part of the process.

Forget email tennis between candidates and other members of your department, or interviewing 30 candidates yourself. Our Shortlisting and Selection experts will take care of the recruitment process from the get-go, ensuring a positive candidate experience until you’re ready to conduct the final face-to-face interviews. With Shortlisting off your hands, you’ll be freed up to focus on internal HR, nurturing your current talent, which in turn, reduces turnover in the long run.
3) Capitalise on Our Expertise – Where You Wouldn’t Expect To

Myth: Background and reference checks are easy and don’t take long. Busted: Such administrative tasks are disguised as friendly and routine but, in reality, hours can disappear when conducting a number of background and reference checks. Not only will having an expert will save you time on these tedious tasks, but with years of experience behind us, our experts know who to call and when. Small errors, such as calling the person or failing to ask the best question that would help you garner fresh insights about your candidates will mean that these ‘easy’ tasks become pointless time-vacuums.

Editor’s Note: The more robust your recruitment process, the better chance you have of finding the right person for the role. Give your organisation the best chance of uncovering top talent, and get in touch with a Shortlisting and Selection Specialist today.

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