Background Checks

Confirm your candidate’s background to hire with confidence.

Background checks are an important, but sometimes are an overlooked part of the recruitment process.  When it matters to your business and the role you are recruiting for, conducting background checks will provide peace of mind and confidence in your hiring decision.

We make employment screening and background checks easy. You will gain valuable insights including:

  • Reassurance that your candidates are genuinely competent for your vacancy
  • Confidence in your recruitment decision
  • A smarter, more informed choice is made

Paint a comprehensive picture of your candidate’s background in the following areas:

  • Police and traffic checks
  • Financial background (bankruptcy, credit default, etc)
  • Qualifications (tertiary, trade)
  • Professional memberships
  • Employment verification
  • Workers compensation claims

Our clients have been able to avoid hiring mistakes that could lead to misconduct or fraud with our expert background checks.

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Our Background Check Services

Pre-Employment Background Checks


Entitlement to Work

Employment History

Financial Background

Criminal History

Financial Background Checks

Money Laundering

Counter Terrorism History

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

 Credit History

APRA Disqualified Register Tech

AFS Licensees Register & Authorised Representative Register

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