Assessment Centres

Observe candidates before they’re hired.

Employment Office designs, executes and facilitates a range of bulk hiring processes tailored to your vacancy type and criteria.  Through the power of group assessment days, our clients have been able to observe their candidates in a professional context to make an informed hiring decision.

 The benefits to you include:

  • Reduced time to hire on bulk recruitment; make your decision on the day of the assessment, not over weeks of unnecessary individual interviews
  • Confidence in your candidates’ competency from their performance
  • A more robust and tailored process than you get in a one-on-one interview – you observe their interpersonal skills, decision-making strengths, leadership qualities and teamwork abilities
  • A more accurate hiring decision based on what they DO, not what they say
  • Guidance from your recruitment expert to help you make the right decision

 Is an Employment Office group assessment day right for you?  Do you:

  • Have bulk hiring needs and a deadline?
  • Have high turnover?
  • Need to place more emphasis on behaviour, emotional intelligence, attitude and cultural fit?
  • Need to ensure you candidates have exceptional interpersonal and communication skills?

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Benefits of Our Assessment Centres

Incorporate group assessment for a recruitment process that is innovative, effective and outcomes focused.  Our assessment days provide a number of benefits including: 


Assurance that your candidates are genuinely competent for the role and confidence in your recruitment decision.




Reduced time to hire multiple recruits.  Make your decision in a single day based on robust reasoning, rather than weeks of interviewing.



Make more accurate hiring decisions. Hire based on your candidates’ strong performance in role-specific situations.



Observe a candidate’s interpersonal skills, leadership, communication style, knowledge and abilities in a group based assessment.

Employment Office Group Assessment Days

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