How to Secure Candidates in High Demand

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The recruitment landscape is no longer an even playing field. In certain industries, the tables are turned and it seems you need your next hire more than they need you.

An attractive pay slip helps, but it’s not the be all and end all. To secure high demand candidates, your end-to-end recruitment process must be a cut above the rest.

What can you do to secure top talent in the most competitive industries for recruiters? Read on to learn the key things you need to focus on to fill that empty desk and keep your hip pocket happy.

Nail your recruitment advertising

Candidates in high demand are exposed to significantly more job listings than the average job seeker. This means your job ads need to be outstanding.

Ensure your key stand-outs are the first thing job seekers see when they cast their eyes over your listing. In a few short sentences, describe why would someone from this particular industry want to work for you?

“Don’t assume that simply having a job ad means people will apply. You need to work for great candidates by being engaging. Put yourself in candidates’ shoes and think about what they want to know. Try not to leave questions unanswered and use language they’re comfortable with,” says our Recruitment Advertising Specialist, Jessica Harkin.

Offer candidates what they want

In a competitive recruitment landscape, you will need to offer an appropriate remuneration and articulate this on your job listing. “Recruitment advertising campaigns that include a salary or salary range receive significantly more applications,” says Amber Dique-Bellette, our Global Shortlisting Leader.  

But it’s not just an attractive salary package that will entice applicants; in fact, an Employment Office study found that 1 in 4 people consider a great workplace culture to be the most important factor when considering an employer.

Realise the value of your candidates and quickly highlight the opportunities within your organisation that they care about – what type of working environment and benefits do you offer? How can your organisation develop them within their particular industry? For example, if recruiting a graduate software developer, mention the possibilities for growth in this field and leadership roles down the track.  

/*-By emphasising your offering and understanding what candidates want, you’ll be better equipped to attract quality applications and secure the very best talent.  

Don’t make your candidates wait

Candidates in high demand are more likely to quit your recruitment process early – they’re high risk and you’ll need to treat them as such. Harness the power of recruitment software which allows you to send mass, automated, yet personalised emails and SMS that keep your candidates in the know every step of the way. Communicating with candidates across a range of platforms ensures important messages are received promptly, and your opportunity isn’t lost.

Did you know that creating a positive experience for your candidates will encourage them to be advocates of your organisation before they even join you? Employment Office’s Shortlisting & Selection Specialists are experts when it comes to candidate care. They can guide you through the process or even provide sophisticated, easy to use recruitment software which allows you to practice high-quality candidate care.  

Make a good impression

Creating a positive impression of your organisation as an employer of choice is all about nurturing your employer brand.

Remember, candidates in high demand are typically going through the recruitment process with a number of similar organisations – your competitors! They’re comparing their interactions with each organisation, consciously and subconsciously, to determine the more attractive employer. So, it’s imperative you understand your employee value proposition (EVP) and articulate it as soon as possible.

However, defining your employer brand and EVP is something that is best left to experts if you’re after the best results. “A benefit of engaging an experienced, specialist team is that we’re completely objective in our approach. We’re able to research, analyse, strategise and develop powerful messaging without bias. We also find employees we interview as part of our research are always willing to share more with us than they would their direct employer,” shares Mark Puncher, Head of Employer Branding.     

Your employer brand presents a huge opportunity when it comes to securing high-demand candidates. Combined with effective recruitment advertising, outstanding candidate care and offering candidates what they want most, you can start successfully securing top talent in tight markets.     

Editor’s note: Partner with the recruitment experts who deliver the very best talent to your business. Employment Office provides a suite of recruitment services tailored to your organisation; where you lose the stress but always keep control. Talk to us today!


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