Recruiters become marketers: Why you need to build and engage your own talent pool

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Recruiters Become Marketers

 Over 50 percent of employers have revealed it’s become increasingly difficult to find qualified candidates over the last five years.*  In order to appeal to modern day candidates, organisations need to act more like marketers to effectively attract and retain high-calibre candidates.

Successful talent pools emerge from using engaging recruitment marketing techniques to involve candidates with a brand before a vacant position arises.

72 percent of employers state they first look to internal resources when a position opens up, however unless candidate pools are engaged and up-to-date, the resources become useless.

Effective talent pooling targets specific candidates and categorises them based on data available such as how engaged an applicant is with a website, social media, or an EDM campaign.

Employment Office partner SCOUT eRecruitment Software creates software allowing organisations to turn recruitment processes from reactive to proactive.

General Manager of SCOUT, Andrea Davey, says in the current recruitment sphere companies need to reduce their reliance on job board advertising.

“Building a talent pool is just scratching the surface. Organisations must then use the platform to regularly engage candidates with informative content about their organisation and what it’s like to work there, keeping top talent interested for when a suitable position becomes available,” she says.

In order to get a running start on filling a vacancy, organisations must adopt a marketing mindset and focus on quality, targeted content.

“It’s not enough to attract candidates to apply with your organisation then let them sit stagnant in your database with no engagement – employers need to nurture a talent pool with relevant and interesting information,” Davey says.

So how can you begin engaging your talent pool today? Understanding your target candidate is key. Knowing where they live online allows employers to strategically drip-feed information in snack-sized bites directly into a candidate’s digital world.

Remember, the information needs to be engaging and relevant or you’ll risk losing them. Candidates are more selective than ever so deploy content to help them upskill, re-apply, or learn about your culture to ensure you spark their interest.

Focusing on engaging and effectively managing a talent pool is the way forward for recruitment and it will bring about positive changes in your organisation’s recruitment process.

Contact SCOUT today to discuss how we can build and nurture your organisation’s talent pool. Please call the team on 07 3330 2595.

* CareerBuilder’s 2015 Candidate Behavior Study

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