Is your candidate marketing attracting the right attention?

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Last month the total number of job vacancies advertised in Australia exceeded 160,200 individual posts. In a sea of online content, how do you ensure your job advertisements stand out from the crowd?

The answer is recruitment marketing. A recent survey by polling company Jobvite found 42% of job seekers spend an average of 10 minutes each and every day searching on mobile devices. With a huge amount of online traffic it’s essential your organisation has a strategic plan to optimise your job content and capture those candidates.

A dedicated recruitment marketing specialist can ensure your HR manager can take the guesswork out of job advertising. This will increase your chances at putting your ad in front of the right people at the right time.

Tudor Marsden-Huggins, Managing Director of recruitment marketing specialists Employment Office, says their specialist team found over 25% of all applications received for client roles comes from industry- specific niche advertising.

“Where appropriate and available, placing an advertisement in a small but targeted medium in combination with generalist advertising can be a valuable channel to finding your next recruit. Niche advertising means your ad has far less competition for the attention of browsers, so your relevant candidates will see it and it will stay visible for longer,” he said.

The search engine optimisation of these ads is also critical in this market. If your ads are well written but aren’t viewed by the right candidates then your message won’t be well-received.

Many organisations include Google Adwords as part of their ongoing recruitment marketing strategy to ensure ads will appear at the top of job seeker’s search results.

Similarly, free exposure is available with the rise of job board aggregators. As technology and online tools develop the new face of recruitment, job aggregating “spider” sites can now pull and redisplay website content.

Job aggregators like Indeed have recently entered the Australian market which is typically dominated by traditional paid job boards. Now, with more than 180 million visitors each month, Indeed is a top player in the recruitment advertising and marketing world.

If you want your organisation’s content to cut through the noise and reach your ideal candidates you need to invest in strategic recruitment marketing today.

Recruitment marketing professionals speak the language and are trained to know exactly when and where to post an advertisement. Recruitment via social media channels and supporting publicity strategies will also see your organisation succeed in otherwise overcrowded online platforms.

Employment Office can assist with all aspects of the recruitment marketing process with our fully-integrated suite of products and services.

For more information about how Employment Office can assist with your Recruitment Marketing communications strategy, please call our team on 1300 366 573.

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