FAQ’s – Recruiting over Christmas with Sales Manager Tina Rooke

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As the silly season approaches, we’re often asked if this time of year is effective for recruitment advertising campaigns.

With 10 years in the recruitment industry and working with big name clients like Sullivan Nicolaides, KFC Queensland & Centacare, Sales Manager Tina Rooke understands the uncertainty the holiday season brings.

So is what is the job market like over the Christmas Period?

“This time of year brings a lot of movement in the job market based on a number of factors. Time off over Christmas gives candidates a chance to review the year that was and the New Year often prompts candidates to consider a new career,” Ms Rooke said.

What kind of people should I target?

“Whether you are looking to hire professionals or support staff, it’s essential your Christmas recruitment is tailored to the right people,” Ms Rooke said.

“Often these jobseekers are passive candidates, so an effective passive strategy including print advertising and sites like Linkedin is usually more successful.”

Is interviewing people during holidays more difficult?

“Your chosen candidate is often not working over December and the start of January, so it’s a great time to set up an interview,” Ms Rooke said.

“Not only do they have a lot of free time on their hands, as they don’t have to arrange around current employment schedules, they often spend a lot of time networking with friends and family.”

“It can be a great time to meet up with company referrals over drinks, or just connect with potential contacts on Linkedin,” she said.

What other benefits are there with advertising over Christmas?

“Advertising over the Christmas period is often underrated, with many candidates feeling the pre-New Year depression starting to set in as the thought of returning to their disliked job in January looms.”

“Your candidates won’t turn down the perfect role, just because it’s Christmas,” Ms Rooke said.

“Often a new job offer, or at least a potential interview, can brighten their day and be just the Christmas present they are looking for – especially with all the penny pinching that goes on at this time of year.”

“Returning to your company in the New Year with a quality talent pool of candidates after getting a jump on the rest of the recruiters is always a nice Christmas bonus too,” she said.

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