About Us

Employment Office exists to give you an easier, more cost-effective way to recruit the right talent for your organisation.

Whether you use agencies and partners or handle all of your recruitment in-house, we know the challenges and frustrations that you face. That’s why we offer a suite of trusted products and services which give you the best of both worlds: an efficient, effective recruitment process where you lose the stress but keep full control.

We Offer

1. Recruitment marketing and advertising campaigns

2. Candidate management technology

3. Shortlisting & selection services

4. Employer Branding strategy and execution

So whether you are trying to fill a vacancy now or want to improve your overall recruitment operation, talk to us today.

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Recruitment Marketing Services

High quality, transparent recruitment campaigns – We bring the expertise and the delivery team; you keep control.



Recruitment Technology & Software

Cutting edge candidate management software to save you time, speed up the process and give you full visibility and control.  



Shortlisting & Selection Services

Best-practice candidate screening, interviews, behavioural and skills testing and more – Secure the right candidate without the stress.

Employer Branding Solutions

Develop and elevate your employee value proposition – be known as an employer of choice to consistently attract and retain top talent.

Our Story

As a small business owner in 1997, Tudor Marsden-Huggins discovered the challenges of recruitment first-hand. Lost between two polarised alternatives – DIY recruitment or the traditional recruitment agency model – the gap in the market was significant.

From this need, Employment Office was born in 1999. From the very start, the business promoted a simple yet effective strategy that streamlined the recruitment process: tailoring an attraction strategy, screening candidates and comparing candidates apples-for-apples.

Teaming up with Susanne Mather in 2003, the pair actively took Employment Office to the market, one-client-at-a-time. Initially through telemarketing and face-to-face meetings, establishing credibility across a range of industries that underpins our testimonial-based sales approach to this day.

Employment Office has continued to invest and innovate ahead of the industry to ensure we continue to solve your challenges and exceed your expectations. From cutting-edge talent management technology to accessible video screening and digital candidate communities, we’re at the forefront of recruitment and we can take you there too.