The Worst Employer Branding Video Ever Made

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Mark Puncher, our Head of Employer Branding, talks about that video and advises on how to get it right for your organisation.

The disastrous employer branding video released recently by the Department of Finance brought laughter to offices across Australia, and reminded us that not all publicity is good publicity. I feel sorry for the grads who took part but also for the people who brought in the agency – they chose experts they hoped they could rely on and were badly let down.

And they’ve missed a trick. Video is an incredibly powerful and positive employer branding tool, if you get it right. 

Below is a video we made to showcase sales roles at Employment Office. It increased the number of quality applications by 40%. What’s more, 95% of shortlisted candidates had seen the video and said it influenced their decision to apply.

Here are 5 key tips to getting it right:

  1. Partner with genuine employer branding specialists 

The rise in Employer Branding has encouraged many marketing agencies and video producers to bolt ’employer branding’ on to their list of services. But EB is a specialism and requires brand marketers who live and breathe recruitment. Choose the right people.

  1. Identify and understand your target audience

Before you jump in, make sure you know and understand who you’re trying to attract. What matters to them in a job, a career and life? How do they talk about those things? How do they make career-related decisions? What do they think about you?

  1. Be clear on your pillars 

Use the insights above to clarify the key elements of your offer (your Employee Value Proposition pillars). What are the 3-5 things that make you a great choice for these particular candidates? Know them, nail them, then bring them to life in your video.

  1. ALWAYS use real people. NEVER give them a script.

When it comes to EB, I’d always recommend using actual employees but you must capture their own words, live. Prospective candidates want to see experiences they can relate to –  real people revealing their journey, thoughts and achievements.

  1. Edit edit edit! Aim for short and powerful… or lose them forever. 

You have a great story to tell and so it’s tempting to try to squeeze in too much… but if it’s too long, they won’t watch it. If it’s a pre-application video, we usually recommend two minutes maximum, although this should be decided based on your specific aims and audiences.

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Get a powerful EB video for your organisation for as little as $7,999.  

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