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Shortlisting Services

Engage a thorough, expert, best practice process

Effectively shortlisting your candidates is one of the most important and often the most difficult part of the recruitment process. It requires an understanding of how to effectively identify and assess the key competencies required for a role, and the time to do so.

Our Recruitment Team specialise in the shortlisting process, and can be engaged as extension of your organisation.

What is Shortlisting from Employment Office?

Our Recruitment team are experts in recruitment methodology, and specialise in conducting, thorough, best practice interviewing to effectively shortlist and present candidates to our clients.

We are able to assist in an end to end shortlisting process, that can involve all or any of the following steps:

  • Effective and thorough Job Analysis
  • Rating and ranking of your candidate applications against key criteria
  • Behavioural phone or video interviewing of top candidates
  • Presentation of shortlist with supporting documentation
  • Reference checking
  • Behavioural testing
  • Candidate care and feedback
  • Ongoing recruitment expertise and support
EO Shortlisting Products

What We Do

Our staff at Employment Office are trained and ready to shortlist your candidates for you. We use a variety of tools, research, and analysis to uncover the best group of applicants that have applied to the open position, so that you can call them in for interviews and figure out which one(s) represent the ideal personalities for your office.

delfThe staff hand selected the top five candidates for our position and interviewed them with behavioural screening. They also provided analysis and reference checks on the candidates meaning that all we had to do was meet and interview our top five candidates for the final selection.
General Manager, Delf Architectural

Our commitment

Our Recruitment Specialists at Employment Office have extensive experience evaluating and assessing candidates against selection criteria. When you work with Employment Office, we promise to be:

  • Thorough
  • Transparent
  • Informative

You’ll never have to wonder why we chose a specific candidate or whether or not we missed someone of value, and we’re always happy to answer questions and work with you throughout the process.

Dedicated, consistent, and professional, our Recruitment Specialists will provide you with a cost effective and through process to manage your candidate applications and ensure you make the best hiring decision.

Karon Beattie

Fill out the quick contact form and have Karon give you a call back to discuss how you can use Shortlisting Services.
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