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Reference Checks

Valuable Candidate Information

Reference checking is an important part of the recruitment process.

Conducting valuable reference checks can be a time consuming and frustrating part of the recruitment process, and is a step that is often missed by many organisations. They do however remain a vital part of the process to confirm your candidate’s suitability for the role, as well as their areas of strengths and areas for development.

Custom Reference Checks from Employment Office

Our Recruitment Team specialise in conducting valuable reference checks, for all level of role and role type. We are able to customise and tailor these checks to work within your existing processes where required.

Reference checks can be challenging to do in-house.
You need to:
  • Be confident enough to make the call.
  • Ask the right questions to ensure you’re getting answers relevant to your role.
  • Listen for what the answers “mean” and identify any areas that need further clarification.
  • Have to time to obtain referee details and follow up.
delfThe staff hand selected the top five candidates for our position and interviewed them with behavioural screening. They also provided analysis and reference checks on the candidates meaning that all we had to do was meet and interview our top five candidates for the final selection.
General Manager, Delf Architectural

Affordable for any business

Our reference checks can be customised to meet your needs, budget and expectations. Reference checks are important for both entry level, mid and senior roles, with pricing options based on the complexity and types of positions:

  • Standard Reference Checks – Great for entry level candidates and less technical roles.
  • Custom Reference Checks – Great for senior positions and technical roles.

Our pricing options are all affordable and based on 2 references per candidate. We’re happy to discuss reference checks as a part of our comprehensive shortlisting services, or as a standalone service for companies that want to put their reference checks in the hands of experts.

Dean Edwards

Fill out the quick contact form and have Dean give you a call back to discuss how you can use Reference Checks.
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