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Skills Testing

Confirm your Candidates Abilities

In a recruitment process we rely on candidates and referees to provide an accurate assessment of their skills and abilities.

Conducting relevant skills testing prior to hiring can add that extra layer of assessment to your existing process and ensure you make more accurate hiring decisions.

Our Candidate Skills Testing

If your goal is to learn as much as possible about a candidate, consider candidate skills testing from Employment Office. Geared towards the modern business, this technology allows you to confirm your candidate’s relevant skill sets are at the level required for the role you are recruiting.

Test on skills such as:
  • Office admin and software
  • Leadership and management
  • Finance
  • Numeracy and literacy
delfThe staff hand selected the top five candidates for our position and interviewed them with behavioural screening. They also provided analysis and reference checks on the candidates meaning that all we had to do was meet and interview our top five candidates for the final selection.
General Manager, Delf Architectural

Ensure a robust recruitment process

This technology from Employment Office helps you screen applicants based on their abilities, learn about their behaviours and tendencies, and gives you more information to make an informed decision about your applicant.

Candidate Skills Testing is one of our most popular shortlisting services here at Employment Office, and a great tool for businesses that genuinely want to improve their recruitment processes.

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