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Assessment Centres

Observe Candidates BEFORE They’re Hired

A thorough and robust recruitment process will reduce both attrition and cost for your business; giving you competitive advantage. While holding traditional one on one interviews are the most popular method of making hiring decisions, they do have limitations in terms of assessing candidates. Employment Office Assessment Centre methodology allows you to:

  • Ask your candidates to SHOW you why they will be successful in the role, rather than just telling you
  • Observe candidate behaviour and cultural fit in a group based setting
  • Increase candidate engagement in your business and increase their understanding of the role itself

Enquire About Assessment Centre's

Fill out the form and have one of our specialists give you a call back to discuss how you can use Assessment Centres to benefit your recruitment process.

What Are Employment Office Assessment Centres?

Employment Office Assessment Centres are an objective forum for hiring managers to observe and compare shortlisted candidates in a situational environment. Assessment Centres are customised for each client to assess the key skills or behavioural competencies required for the role across a series of exercises and job simulations.

Employment Office’s Recruitment Specialists will design and facilitate the day, allowing hiring managers to observe candidates closely so that they can make informed hiring decisions.


An example of our tailored service:

Our Employment Office Recruitment team designed and facilitated an assessment centre for Multi-Skilled Operators, that included a group activity that assessed team work skills and safety focus, a practical assessment on a Loader and an Excavator and another activity that assessed logic, ability to plan and communication skills.

This process was supported by thorough telephone interviews prior to the day to qualify and prepare the candidates and employment reference checks after the day to verify the observations we made on the day.

When you engage our team to facilitate an Assessment Centre on behalf of your organisation you will receive the following:

  • Thorough job analysis and understanding of your needs.
  • Competency analysis and criteria composition.
  • Customised selection of exercises and assessments to demonstrate observable behaviours.
  • Facilitators to ensure seamless running of the day and high level candidate experience.
  • Briefing for hiring managers to ensure they understand the most effective assessment of candidates.

We will tailor the Assessment Centre as needed to reflect the hiring needs of your organisation.

Benefits of Our Assessment Centres

When you choose to use one of our Assessment Centres, you’ll be choosing a method of recruitment that is innovative, effective and outcomes focussed. Our Assessment Centres provide a number of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Reassurance that candidates are genuinely competent for the role.
  • Confidence in your recruitment decisions, given the multiple levels of evaluation.
  • Guidance from a recruitment expert to ensure you make the best decisions.
  • Save on time and money with a one day, efficient and effective process.
  • Increased candidate engagement and understanding of the role and business.
  • Our recruitment experts fully design and facilitate the Assessment Centre, leaving you free to observe candidates.
  • All candidate screening, invitations, questions and feedback is handled by our recruitment experts.

You can assess multiple candidates at once and hire as many as you deem suitable; with the potential of creating a talent pool for the future.

Our Assessment Centres are a great way to get ahead of the competition, be more confident in your hires, and hire better candidates for every role within your company.

“We absolutely love the recorded video interviews that Employment Office has conducted for us. We now know exactly what to expect of the candidates we have invited forward for a face to face interview after seeing them in this capacity. It is great to feel confident going into our interviews that these candidates are truly the right fit, will most likely result in a hire and will in no way be a waste of our time.”
Sales Manager, Ignite Travel Group

Enquire About Assessment Centre's

Fill out the form and have one of our specialists give you a call back to discuss how you can use Assessment Centres to benefit your recruitment process.
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