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Enterprise Recruitment Solutions

We sell a recruitment process

We work with companies to improve your quality of hires, reduce cost and streamline your recruitment process. We review your current process and recruitment strategy and build a partnership model that varies depending on your recruitment objectives. Employment Office works with you to build your internal capability.

We ultimately remain objective in the process because we’re looking for the best method to select a candidate, rather than relying on a fee for placing a candidate.

Onsite and offsite solutions

We provide both onsite and offsite solutions, and provide recruitment products to build you a better recruitment process. We provide:
Consulting Services: Analysing your current situation and your organisational goals, to discover opportunities and build an improvement strategy.
Candidate Attraction: We always go to market for your roles, to attract a broader pool of active and passive-candidates. Our employer branding specialists tailor recruitment campaigns, to maximise candidate attraction. You retain ownership of the talent pool.
Candidate Management: SCOUT e-recruitment system is built in Australia by our business specifically for recruitment. It has the ability to be highly customised to simulate your recruitment workflow, and can be integrated with a number of other technologies including payroll systems and learning management systems.
Candidate Selection: Our recruitment experts design and manage recruitment methodology that reduces your time to hire and improves the candidate experience, whilst they remain totally objective. Because we never charge placement fees the conversation with these experts is about selecting and retaining the best talent for your business, not about “making the placement”.
Reporting and Metrics: Our innovative technology allow us to collate and analyse your recruitment data. Our experts will help you to interpret the findings, build relevant reporting structures and recommend strategic improvements to your recruitment process.

We believe in open, honest and transparent relationships.

We believe in complete transparency of the talent pool, and complete transparency of the costs associated with engaging our services. Employment Office provides true innovation to our clients – we would rather design and build a solution to provide meaningful benefits to you.

Our concept of partnering with businesses to provide flat-fee recruitment products to reduce reliance on the cost-prohibitive contingent placement model was driven by a clear need for evolution and innovation in the recruitment industry, to provide value to our partners.

Each aspect of our delivery model is flexible and tailored to the requirements of our clients, allowing us to provide products to suit the needs of a particular campaign. This allows us to provide you with complete transparency, choice and control.

delfBy revolutionising Flight Centre’s internal processes, delivering simple effective solutions, best-of-breed web-based software solutions and real marketing principles Employment Office has:

  • Reduced our FTE head count by 22 recruiters globally and saving AUD$1.2mil per annum
  • Reduced our recruitment marketing spend by over AUD$1mil per annum
  • Enhanced our recruitment brand and increased our career portal candidates by 150%
  • Reduced our time to hire
  • Improved our retention rate by 20%
  • Reduced our agency spend by AUD$3mil globally
  • Engaged and educated our leaders in our corporate and retail businesses in more effective recruitment, and delivered measureable savings of AUD$5mil overall
Graham ‘Skroo’ Turner, Flight Centre Co-Founder and Managing Director

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