The Job Definition Survey is designed to help your organisation define the behavioral requirements of a specific position. It could be completed by the immediate supervisor, senior members of management who are directly familiar with the job, past incumbents of the position, as well as those who report to the position.

DO NOT rate or describe any individual who might be currently doing the job. Focus, instead, on how you believe the ideal performer would do the job. Be sure to concentrate on those behaviours that are essential for success and put less emphasis on those that would simply be nice to have.

for example:
Helps others
Is composed
Works within company policies
Welcomes responsibility

How to complete this form:

There are twenty-one groups of words of statements. Rank each word of statement according to how it best describes the specific position.

A = most important behaviour
B = second most important behaviour
C = third most important behaviour
D = least important behaviour

There should only be one A, one B, one C and one D for each set.
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Is competitive
Maintains a positive outlook
Sets an even pace
Respects authority
Is a perfectionist at times
Makes decisions easily
Has an outgoing personality
Does not mind repetitive tasks
Helps others
Is composed
Works within company policies
Welcomes responsibility
Does not put pressure on others
Sticks to established procedures
Is enterprising
Is persuasive
Seizes opportunities
Trusts others
Avoids setting unnecessary deadlines
Likes to do things personally
Needs to achieve
Is a good communicator
Remains calm
Is well organised
Is precise and accurate
Is an individualist
Understands people
Establishes routines
Maintains quality control
Makes things happen
Is at home with people
Has a calming affect on other
Does not need constant change
Specialises in his/her field
Is ambitious
Enjoys influencing others
Is confident dealing with others
Does not rock the boat
Works very carefully
Tackles problems aggressively
Is relaxed and easy going
Takes direction well
Sets goals
Is optimistic
Wants recognition
Is full of enthusiasm
Remains even tempered
Is co-operative
Makes friends easily
Is patient with people
Is conscientious
Strives for success
Is expressive
Is not easily upset
Follows instructions
Wants to win
Works well with others
Is dependable
Is good with detail
Takes risks
Is results oriented
Makes a good impression
Is reliable
Works well under supervision
Is very thorough
Needs challenge
Is friendly and sociable
Enjoys stability
Likes things done right
Enjoys having authority
Is a fluent conversationalist
Is consistent
Works within existing systems
Is risk-averse
Takes charge naturally
Is entertaining
Is systematic
Is predictable in performance
Is a leader
Genuinely likes people
Meets difficult situations head on
Is outgoing and extroverted
Is a steady performer
Follows the rules