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5 simple reasons why you should use Employment Office for your next recruitment campaign.

Employment Office is not your typical recruitment agency, we attract candidates to fill your vacancies with tailored recruitment marketing solutions.

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We will never charge you a percentage of salary or a placement fee.
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We don’t pay our consultants commission on hire, so we’re objective at all times.
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Our fixed products ensure your hiring decision is not about us ‘closing the sale’.
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Our candidate management software gives you full visibility into the work we’re doing for you.
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We advertise to attract the broadest talent pool rather than relying on our database.

Our team of Recruitment Specialists will design, copy-write and manage your marketing strategy and recruitment process. This unique solution gives you all the tools you need to make the best hiring decision for your organisation.

Recently filled roles

Inala Primary Care

Inala Primary Care recently enlisted Employment Office to aid in the recruitment of an Enrolled Nurse based in Inala Brisbane, QLD. The campaign attracted 40 applications and the position was filled for $2,229! Read the Job Description here

Inala Primary Care

Inala Primary Care were pleased to hire a Registered Nurse based in Inala Brisbane, QLD at a cost of $2,229, choosing from 24 applications. Read the Job Description here

Capri Medical Centre

Capri Medical Centre recently used Employment Office in recruiting the role for General Practitioner based in Surfer’s Paradise. The campaign attracted 8 quality applicants and was filled for $6,201Read the Job Description here

How will this help save time and money?

  1. We DO NOT charge a placement fee; instead, we offer our services for a one-off flat cost. This means you can place as many qualified candidates as you need at no additional cost.
  2. Our team of Recruitment Marketing Specialists will design a strategic advertising campaign and handle all of the copy writing and execution.
  3. Our process is fully transparent. You own your talent pool which enables you to refer back to it at any stage.
  4. No more ‘CV Spam’. Each candidate will answer the same questions giving you an objective measure to make the best shortlisting decision. Essentially, you’re comparing ‘apples with apples’.

How does it work?

  1. Recruitment marketing specialists design a comprehensive attraction strategy across a broad range of media that will attract active and passive candidates.
  2. Our copywriters will create a Recruitment Webpage targeted to your ideal candidates.
  3. The Recruitment Webpage fully informs candidates about your role and requirements and markets the benefits of that position.
  4. To apply, candidates will answer a series of screening questions based on your selection criteria.
  5. Your applications will fall into SCOUT (and your inbox if you prefer). SCOUT is Employment Office’s candidate management system which gives you the tools you need to efficiently shortlist your standout candidates based on their answers to your key “need to know” questions.


Alex Fraser Group

Alex Fraser

I have used the Employment Office service including the Candidate Management System (CMS) since June 2008. In that time I have recruited 70 roles attracting over 2,400 applications. The EO service allows me to place high quality, consistent-looking job advertisements quickly in a variety of online and print media. The CMS is user-friendly and allows both the hiring manager and me to see applicants and shortlist them for interview. The CMS is essential for keeping track of the large number of applicants we now receive. I have always found the team at EO responsive and I’m happy to recommend them.

Jeff Burns, Group Manager Human Resources
Alex Fraser Group

Please contact me at your convenience to discuss a tailored recruitment process for .

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