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Get better team performance with better thinking

Presenter: Eliza Kippen, Engagement & Assessment Specialist, Employment Office

Better thinking leads to better performance and better results. With HBDI® testing, you can gain a competitive advantage as you learn about how thinking preferences impact everything from decision making to effective communication and productivity.

In this webinar, you will hear from our HBDI® accredited specialist who will take you through the proven, reliable assessment system of HBDI® and the powerful insights it provides.

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MPHarness the power of your Employer Brand in 2017

Presenter: Mark Puncher, Head of Marketing & Employer Branding, Employment Office

In 2017’s candidate-driven job market, Employer Branding is no longer a nice to have. It is an absolutely critical part of any effective recruitment and retention strategy, yet too many organisations launch into it without getting the fundamentals right.

In this webinar, we’ll explore what matters most in Employer Branding. You’ll leave with the insights to develop a powerful, authentic Employee Value Proposition and bring this to life to engage and inspire your target audiences.

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img_2710Behavioural Testing and How to Use It

Presenter: Karon Beattie, Shortlisting & Selection Specialist, Employment Office

A deep dive into your candidates’ motivations and predicted performance

Don’t stay in the dark about your candidates. Bolster your recruitment process and use behavioural testing to shine a light on their suitability for the role, how they’ll perform, what motivates them and how best to manage them with insights gained that are hard to measure during a routine interview. In this webinar, we’ll take you through the ins and out of behavioural testing so you know how to use it and what it reveals so you can get a more comprehensive picture of your talent pool and select the best person for the job.

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Choosing the right candidate – Why interviews can be misleading and what else you should be doing to make the right decision

Presenter: Amy Little, Shortlisting & Selection Specialist, Employment Office

We’ve all been there and I’m sure you have too. You attract a strong shortlist, you conduct the interviews, you select the most impressive candidate and offer them the job. A month later, you realise you made the wrong choice. Even if you’re happy with your decision, do you ever wonder about the candidates who got away?

While interviews are a critical part of the recruitment process, they can also be misleading for recruiters. A candidate’s powerful interview skills can mask fundamental shortcomings. Similarly, the best candidate for your opportunity could under-perform in an interview context and be ruled out.

During this webinar, we’ll look at best practice in shortlisting & selection, beyond interviews. I’ll share with you what things you should do and give tips on how to do them well… I’ll also share some horror stories of what happens when it goes wrong!

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Talent Pooling: Steps for Success

Presenter: Andrea Davey, Chief Operations Officer, Employment Office

In this webinar we will deliver a scalable, step by step framework for building and maintaining a valuable talent pool. Follow our simple, accessible engagement techniques to nurture potential employees and increase your recruitment effectiveness.

In This Webinar You’ll Learn: 

  • How to build a talent pool from scratch
  • How to use software tools to streamline the process
  • How to proactively manage your talent and convert engaged candidates into employees

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jessharkin_webinarTop 5 tips to attract the right talent to your business

Presenter: Jessica Harkin, Recruitment Advertising Team Leader, Employment Office

Want to know how you can improve your own candidate attraction strategies in order to engage with the best talent available in the market?

In This Webinar You’ll Learn:

  • Writing a good brief – The importance of consistent messaging in attracting the right people
  • Identify your target market – Where are they and what’s in it for them?
  • Tell a story – How to craft your messaging to engage and excite your target audience
  • Do things that don’t cost much – How to make your advertising sources work harder
  • Be exciting and be relevant – How to stand out from your competitors

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amylittleWhy you need to use Group Assessment Days in your recruitment process

Presenter: Amy Little, Senior Recruitment Specialist, Employment Office

Join us for a live webinar on how assessment centres can benefit your organisation and how to successfully run them as a part of your recruitment and selection process.

In This Webinar You’ll Learn:
– How one of our clients hired 19 people for $19k
– What Assessment Centre’s are
– Benefits they can offer
– How you can leverage them as part of your recruitment process

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How you can effectively run philanthropy programs within your organisation and reap the rewards

Presenter: Jessika Woodford, Event Leader, Tour de Office

Employment Office welcomes guest speaker Jessika Woolford, Event Leader of the Tour de Office Foundation to share her insights on how corporate philanthropy will benefit your organisation’s bottom line. Using the innovative Tour de Office event as a case study, this is an opportunity to discover new techniques to drive a strong recruitment message as well as positively impact turnover and improve retention.

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Give your employer brand a kickstart!

Presenter: Brooke Chapman, Global Employer Branding Leader, Employment Office

Hear Employment Office’s Employer Branding expert, who has worked on global brands such as Flight Centre Travel Group and Parmalat, discuss why all organisations need to be in control of their employer brand and the steps they need to take to be seen as an employer of distinction.

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Amber Dique-Belette
Using Video Interviews to Enhance Your Recruitment Process

Presenter: Amber Dique-Belette, Team Leader – Recruitment & Shortlisting, Employment Office

In this webinar – we will share our tips on how to conduct effective video interviews, do’s and don’ts as well as how to implement them as part of a robust recruitment process.

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James CarolinDevelop A Clear Team Purpose

Webinar 3 in the Grow Cube Webinar Series

A lack of clear purpose within your team leads to team members working at cross purposes. Use proven techniques to start aligning your team to one clear purpose.  This webinar contains practical tips and actionable tools that you can start to use immediately.

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Michael MurphyInterview Techniques –  How to pick a winner!

Presenter: Michael Murphy – Recruitment Coach

Discover simple, practical techniques to uncover a candidate’s real experience and knowledge.
Join Recruitment Coach hiring expert, Michael Murphy for this practical webinar on interview techniques where he will share tips and tricks to help you interview like an expert!


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James CarolinHow to leverage your personal strengths

Webinar 4 in the Grow Cube Webinar Series

Do you know your own strengths? Do you really understand what you are great at, your “innate giftedness”? Is there even such a thing!?


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Garry EmanuelManaging Under Performance – What you need to know

Presenter: Garry Emanuel – Recruitment Coach

Learn how to address under performance and protect yourself as an employer while being fair to your staff.

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James CarolinFind Your Operating Rhythm

Webinar 5 in the Grow Cube Webinar Series

Is your team humming like a well tuned machine, or do some of your team members appear to be disengaged? Are your customers confused about what to expect from you? Do your team members agree to things in meetings and then fail to execute?

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Michael McIntoshMaximising Team Performance – Driving your team to success

Presenter: Michael McIntosh – Recruitment Coach

Maximise team performance with easy-to-apply techniques and tips!

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James CarolinHow to Communicate A Clear Strategic Direction

Webinar 6 in the Grow Cube Webinar Series

Are your people engaged and excited by your strategy? Could they tell you where the business is heading? Do you feel like you are expending lots of effort and not making any progress?

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James CarolinHave you got the right people with the right skills in the right jobs?

Webinar 7 in the Grow Cube Webinar Series

Is your team delivering what is required of them?  Do they achieve their goals?  Are some of your team members burning out whilst others are coasting?

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James CarolinWhat is a High Performing Culture?

Webinar 8 in the Grow Cube Webinar Series

Is there a silo mentality within your organisation?  Are your systems and technology unused or used ineffectively?  Perhaps your strategy and/or values exist only on the wall of your office?

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