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The Biggest Mistakes Made By Recruiters and How You Can Avoid It

Before you start hiring, you need to learn how to identify the perfect candidate.

Surprisingly, very few businesses take the time to truly identify the perfect candidate. Most have a vague idea of what’s needed and what’s not, but companies that take the time to genuinely consider what is needed to perform at your workplace will be the ones that will find those candidates.

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A Guide to Shortlisting Your Talent Pool and Selecting The Right Candidate

 The appraisal process and how to use it effectively.

There’s more to selecting the right candidate for your role than the interview. The shortlisting and selection process should be multi-layered to accurately capture intel on your candidates that goes beyond the interview.

This guide will take you through the full spectrum of Employment Office’s best practice process for shortlisting your candidates to ensure you select the right person for your vacancy.

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Powerful Interview Questions

Ask your way to smart Recruitment Decisions.

Asking interview questions that allow candidates to use examples from previous employment history that clearly demonstrate the required behavioural indicators is a powerful way to assess their ability to demonstrate these behaviours in the future.

Our guide will help you ask the most effective interview questions to:

  • Elicit examples and information about the candidate’s employment history;
  • Determine key behavioural indicators and personality traits;
  • Investigate the candidate’s core competencies to suit the role.

In this guide are examples of behavioural interview questions you can use to investigate some of the most common competencies.

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Interview Questions

A Guide to Developing and Streamlining your Recruitment Process

Recruitment often falls by the wayside when competing priorities and project deadlines loom. The administrative process associated with a new recruitment drive can be tedious and time consuming – but it doesn’t have to be.

With a modest time investment, you can develop a recruitment process that is driven by efficiency and measurable results.

This guide will focus on the Beginning and Middle Phases of the Recruitment Process from Planning and Strategy through to Advertising Execution.

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Where are your candidates looking?

Learn how to reach the best job seekers for your vacancy

Put yourself in your ideal candidate’s shoes. What media are they exposed to day-today? Where are they looking for a job? And more to the point, are they actively or passively seeking a new opportunity?

Candidates can be categorised into active and passive regarding their job seeking behaviour and this can impact the success of your recruitment advertising. By advertising on generalist job boards, you’re targeting candidates who are actively seeking a new opportunity. But what if your ideal candidate is already employed elsewhere? How would you target them?

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