Six Reasons NOT to Hire Someone – Even If They’re the Most Qualified Applicant

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Excellent technical skills.  All the right qualifications.  Relevant experience.  All great reasons to hire someone, but we’re here to tell you that there are a few good reasons not to hire that fully qualified, excellent-on-paper candidate.

How a job applicant performs during their interview and after can reveal signs of a misfit even if they match all the requirements of the job ad.  

A clear understanding of what you’re looking for, a curated shortlist of candidates to interview and being mindful of these six points will help you avoid hiring the wrong person with the right credentials.

  • They’re elusive

If you don’t hear from them for long stretches through the interview process, can’t lock them in for an interview time, they cancel multiple times, are excessively late (without a decent excuse) for the interview or are MIA post-interview, it could be a sign of their disinterest and commitment to the opportunity long term.

  • They don’t ask questions

You should place emphasis on determining intellectual curiosity in the interview process.  A candidate that asks questions throughout the interview demonstrates two key traits of a good prospect.  One, they take the interview, you and themselves seriously by preparing thoughtful questions and two, demonstrate their intellectual curiosity by coming up with questions while you are talking.  Paying attention to this trait will help you select a smart, engaged employee.

  • They have bad manners

Rudeness in any form should be considered a warning sign.  They could be the most qualified for the job, but haughtiness, hostility or harsh words in an interview can be a preview to their behaviour in the workplace.  Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can change them like a love-struck teen trying to reform a bad boy.

  • They have no direction

It isn’t a good sign when interviewees stumble on questions like ‘where do you see yourself in five years?’ or ‘what do you want from your next role?’.  These questions help establish a candidate’s expectations so you can ensure they align with yours and what the role and company can provide.  Not having an adequate response to these questions is a big red flag as to their motivation and drive.  

  • They’re unenthusiastic

Maybe they think the position is beneath them, they have no interest in the industry, can’t see the opportunities the company provides or are just going through the motions.  Whatever the reason, an unenthusiastic interviewee could turn out to be disengaged, unmotivated or passive in their position and hold you back in the long run.

  • They’re desperate

Even if they have the best technical skills, if they’re only applying because they need a job – and not because they have a genuine interest in the role, industry and company – it may be a short lived tenure.  With applicants who really need a job, you run the risk of them jumping ship as soon as something ‘better’ comes along, or not caring enough to perform well while they’re with you.

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