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Employment Office is transforming the recruitment market on a global scale, thanks to the hard work of our employees around the world.

So – why join Employment Office?

Because the work we do is important and innovative, and you want to be a part of it. A company won’t survive if it can’t recruit the right people. We give businesses a revolutionary way to recruit – our products are honest, professional and their value is transparent to our clients. We have a culture of ownership and autonomy. We believe the best people should be paid ‘above market’.

Our organisation structure is egalitarian, flat, and built around small, supportive teams. Your Team Leader will be someone who has succeeded in the business, and continues to perform their role. They will put their money where their mouth is and lead by example. You’ll be supported by this Team Leader, a team and a mentor who know the ropes and are invested in helping you succeed.

We value our staff and offer a great range of benefits including:

  • Attendance at the renowned EO “Buzz Nights”
  • Free financial and health advice including  access to personal training, massage, etc.
  • Travel discounts
  • Comprehensive ongoing training and development pathways
  • Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives including leading the Tour De Office charity cycling event each year.
  • Fresh fruit at work delivered weekly.

Our business model

Recruitment is crucial to a business’s success. Price Waterhouse Cooper’s latest CEO survey shows Australian CEO’s list ‘availability of key skills’ as one of their top four biggest threats. At Employment Office you’ll sell or deliver revolutionary recruitment products which solve real problems for our clients.

Why work with us?

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