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After almost a decade in my role as a Recruitment Solutions Advisor at Employment Office, I’ve met thousands of HR managers, hiring managers and recruiters from a range of industries.

Every organisation is different when it comes to recruitment and all face unique recruitment challenges. From regional businesses that find it difficult to get any exposure or interest for a role, to industries suffering a significant skills shortage; organisations of all types and sizes need a tailored recruitment strategy to suit their circumstances.

Despite the diversity of challenges across different businesses, a few key questions are always asked in my discussions with hiring managers, no matter their industry.

Here are the most common questions HR professionals have when it comes to choosing a partner in recruitment:

  1. How are you different to other agencies?

We don’t charge a percentage of placement fees.

We sell a process, not a candidate. Typically, agencies will deliver you a candidate from their existing database or they post a generic job ad on Seek – which they may also use to source candidates for higher paying clients; your competitors! At Employment Office, our clients don’t compete for candidates. Our advertising targets your candidates specifically – all applicants are collated especially for your role.

We’re open with our process.

With Employment Office, you have full access to the recruitment process and know exactly where each candidate was sourced. From initial applications through to interviews, you can view candidate data at any time, request specific information and play back video interviews at your convenience. Ultimately, you lose the stress and hassle that comes with internal recruitment, but keep full control.

You can make multiple hires – with no extra cost.

If you discover more than one outstanding candidate during shortlisting, why not hire them both? Due to the nature of our payment structure, you own your candidate data and can hire as many candidates as you like from a single campaign. And as we don’t charge a percentage of salary, we save you thousands of dollars. If you’re ready to expand your team now, don’t let agencies hold you back with extreme costs –  Employment Office can help you realise the full potential of your organisation.

  1. Do you specialise in our industry/ sector?

We don’t specialise in one particular industry or sector – and we don’t pretend to. At Employment Office, we’re the experts in delivering the best candidates. We use our skills and expertise to market your role more effectively across a broad range of mediums, and uncover outstanding candidates that meet your criteria, all while leaving you choice and control over the process.

  1. How does your process work?

At EO, we provide so many services for a range of industries, so our process differs for each client according to the type and scope of services they select. We don’t approach recruitment with a ‘one size fits all’ mindset.

Our products are designed to empower our clients to attract the very best candidates in the most cost-effective way through high quality recruitment campaigns, shortlisting and employer branding services.

Here’s the low down on some of our most popular products.

Recruitment advertising

Our recruitment copywriters will bring your opportunity to life, then your professional vacancy web page will promote and position you in a unique way, all while our experienced team handles all applicant enquiries and feedback on your behalf, saving you time and ensuring exceptional candidate care. Learn more about our recruitment advertising services, here.

Shortlisting and selection services

We can deliver a full end-to-end selection process or specific services, including background and reference checks, candidate screening, video interviews, behavioural and skills testing and group assessment days. Your Shortlisting & Selection Specialist will partner with you throughout, providing guidance to help you assess candidates and make the best hire. You can learn more about shortlisting and selection services here.

Recruitment Technology

We even offer recruitment technology solutions for you to use during your hiring process to make life easier. Gone are the days of scrolling through thousands of candidate emails, losing information on your talent pool and manually communicating with every single candidate. Your recruitment team will benefit from one easy-to-access candidate management system with tailored features enabling timely, personalised and professional communication with candidates that will highlight your employer brand. Partner with us to overhaul your recruitment process with our cutting-edge recruitment technology that was listed in the top 100 recruitment software technologies to watch in 2017.

Evidently, HR teams and hiring managers share common concerns. They want an outstanding recruitment partner without the outrageous fees who can deliver customised recruitment efficiently – stress-free. Whenever I hear these concerns, I say, “Welcome to Employment Office.”

Editor’s Note: Do you have a question for us? Talk to the recruitment experts today and discover how we can enhance your hiring process.

 Author: Sacha Price, Recruitment Solutions Advisor

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